Ways Dental Night Guards Can Be Helpful For You

You might see a lot of people wearing mouth guards while playing sports. The reason they wear is that they want to keep their teeth safe from the effects of aggression, which can turn out to be quite fatal for the integrity of teeth. But, a lot of you may not have heard about the use of these dental guards during night sleep. Bruxism is the serious problem for teeth. And there is another problem called sleep apnea. Good news is that specifically designed mouth guards, also known as night guards, can help such people in getting relief.

To elaborate how both types of guards can be helpful, let’s have some discussion about it.

Night guards used for bruxism

Teeth grinding or bruxism is pretty common oral habit which can be dangerous for teeth. Everyone does it at some point in the day, but the point at which it can get pretty dangerous is during night. The reason is that a person doesn’t retain full control of the body during night sleep. Hence, any bad habit during night sleep can leave serious kinds of effects. Therefore, it becomes very important for the individuals have the problem of bruxism during night sleep to have the problem taken care of. When you wear specific night guards during night sleep, you get your teeth prevented from being grinded with each other. Good news is that dentists offer specific bruxism guards which are custom-made. It means that you can get these guards prepared specifically for your teeth.

Night guards used for sleep apnea

Another problem which can irritate a person and the ones around that person is sleep apnea. This disorder mainly includes snoring, dry throat, and fatigue in the day, and frequent urination during night. This problem is basically caused due to bad air flow resulting in the breathing as many as 400 times during night. And the bad news is that it can be quite life threatening. While there are CPAP machines available to treat such problems, dental guards are also designed to give relief to the patients. The main purpose of the use of this night guard is to shift the bite in order to improve airflow and normalize the breathing process.

Remember, quality sleep is not just about pain-free physical situation. It also involves your oral structure and its health. Therefore, dentists are qualified persons to help you in improving your sleep.


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